In your business you have security cameras, locks on the doors, a security system, and many other options to protect yourself and your employees. These types of protection are against things we can see. But radon is colorless and odorless. You don’t feel the effects from it, like you would carbon monoxide or a mix of noxious chemicals. As the number two cause of lung cancer in the United States, it slowly kills you and your employees over a course of years.


Testing is the first step. Your radon levels may be safe, but in the state of Ohio, there are locations in every county with high and low concentrations of radon. No matter where you live in the state, you are potentially be at risk.


Commercial designs can differ quite a lot, due to the many types of buildings which are used for businesses. When we come in to design your system for your business, we keep in mind all of the variables that may cause issues.


Within a commercial structure, we can either put mitigation in place as it is being built or we can retrofit and existing building.


We can repair commercial radon mitigation systems.