Bill Dziatkowicz and Shad Evans began radon testing in 2004 through their home inspection company D&E Consultants.

They began radon mitigation system installation in 2005 and started Radon Be Gone in 2006.

Radon Be Gone is an ODH Licensed Radon Contractor with 8 Licensed Radon Specialists and over 50 years of combined radon mitigation experience. All of our crews have a licensed radon specialist.

Our commitment is your guarantee

At Radon Be Gone our focus is insuring you and your family live in a safe, Radon free environment. Our company has been dedicated to consulting with families and business owners, testing households and businesses, and bringing peace of mind to those that have found Radon is affecting their lives.

Our professional teams use proven testing procedures to identify issues, and then implement remediation techniques that are proven to make your home or business safe again in a timely manner.

Radon is a hidden danger that we have dedicated our lives to eradicating. We look forward to providing you with the best options at a price that you can afford, giving you the peace of mind you need.